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Our Services
International Freight Forwarding
Representation in more than 100 countries!!

Our comprehensive global network of partner offices (we have been a member of the International Freight Logistics Network since 2008 and X2 Critical) coupled with our domestic presence in Port Klang, KLIA, Johor Baru, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Kota Kinabalu, Bintulu and Kuching assures you of our capabilities to serve your global logistics needs. We have a long standing professional partnership with carriers for both air and sea, ensuring full and complete coverage of your entire logistics needs from and to virtually any location globally.

We are agile and therefore able to customize our solutions to meet any of your unique and discerning requirements including:

  • Cargo/Customs Clearance and Brokerage
  • Full Container Loads (FCL)
  • Less-than-Container Loads (LCL)
  • Road Freight, Cross Border
  • Door to Door services (DTD)
  • Project Cargo Logistics Management
  • Barging Operations
  • Vessel/Air craft charters
  • Consolidation services
  • Transshipment services
  • Multimodal Freight services
  • Real Track & Trace
  • Key Account Management
  • CJ Century eFreight Portal (click here)

With the extensive experience of our staff we can;

  • With consultation develop tailor made solutions
  • Provide innovative solutions
  • Maximise Multimodal solutions
  • Facilitate Cross Trade Business
  • Provide you more with less

Our Statistics in Year 2015

  • +50,000 TEU’s
  • +500,000 Tonnes of Bulk Cargo
  • +24,000 Jobs

Transportation Management and Distribution

Our flexible and innovative network is tailored to fulfill your delivery service requirements, streamlined towards providing a single point of contact for all your transportation needs.

We provide a variety of solutions for your road transportation needs, including:

  • Less Than Truck Load (LTL)
  • Full Truck Load (FTL)
  • Multiple Drop and Pick Up Distribution
  • Pool Distribution/Consolidation
  • Cross Border, Thailand<>Malaysia<>Singapore
  • Container Haulage - Trailer
  • Container Haulage - Side Loader
  • Purpose Built Vehicles for Specific Cargoes
  • Dedicated Fleet Services
  • Last Mile Delivery

In providing you with these services, we place public safety, the environment and the security of your goods as top-most importance. We have invested in the following “tools” to meet these goals:

  • All our trucks are fitted with GPS monitoring devices
  • We are OSHAS certified
  • We are in the process of being RTS certified (ISO 39001:2012)
  • 24 hours Control Room to monitor truck movement
  • Environment conscious by way of:
    • Measure our CO2 emissions
    • All our trucks are fitted with EURO 3 engines
    • Aerodynamic designed prime movers to reduce wind drag thus reducing fuel consumption
  • Safety conscious by way of:
    • All drivers are provided with Personal Protective Equipment
    • All trucks are fitted with fire extinguishers, wheel chokes, reverse beepers and safety cones
    • All drivers are sent for defensive driver training

CJ Century Logistics Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Century Total Logistics Sdn. Bhd.) has been awarded Best Operator for Freight Category KA at the Land Public Transportation Symposium Award 2014.​

View Certificate

Contract Logistics

We develop customized warehouse and distribution solutions to meet the requirements of our discerning customers. Our Warehouse Management System delivers real time visibility on inbound and outbound movements, order status and performance measures.

Our services include:

  • Implementation and management of warehouse operations
  • Nationwide distribution services including home delivery
  • Contract management
  • Inventory control and management
  • Order processing and fulfillment
  • Management of returns or reverse logistics including receiving, identification and segregation of recalled products
  • Value added activities including pick & pack, labeling and application of permit and approval from various Authorities such as SIRIM
  • Cross docking operations
  • Consolidation
  • Public Bonded Warehouse management
  • In plant warehouse operations
  • Good distribution practice of medical device system

Storage of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Air-conditioned / Temperature Controlled Storage

Oil Logistics

We have the skills, equipment and network to handle any Ship-to-Ship operation safely and seamlessly in accordance with international guidelines and regulations.

Every ship to ship transfer operation is carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) latest edition, International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) as well as by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) with strict adherence to safety regulations. Our ship to ship transfer operation is offered in the waters of Port of Tanjung Pelepas, off Malaysia's Southern coast.

All operations are handled by trained and experienced personnel to ensure safe control. We also provide all necessary equipment such as hoses, fenders and support craft, as well as full back-up services including standby-tugs, Emergency Response Equipment (ERP) together with a full set of experienced and well trained staff to handle any sort of emergency, equipment transportation and 24-hour communications.

What is ship to ship transfer or STS?

A ship to ship transfer or STS refers to the transfer of a ship’s cargo, which can be oil or gas cargo, between a merchant tanker vessel and a floating storage unit (FSU) positioned alongside each other. The operation requires proper coordination, equipments and approval to perform such operation. Both the masters of the vessels are responsible for the entire STS operation, with the presence of an approved Mooring Master certified by the Malaysian Marine Department in attendance throughout the entire operation.

Oil tankers and gas carriers transport huge amount of cargo in bulk which do not have to be unloaded in just one port but at different ports. Also, larger carriers like VLCC and ULCC may have difficulties to berth in port or jetty for discharge operation due to draught restrictions. In such conditions, ship to ship transfer is utilised.

A ship to ship transfer is very economical as vessels do not have to berth at the jetty, particularly in the case of huge oil tankers, which removes the port berthing charges and also cut short the time for berthing and mooring. But all these comes at a cost of high environmental pollution and fire risk as chances of spillage during operation is always there in open sea when ship is not moored or when it is moving. However, we have the necessary expertise to address these concerns:

  • Well trained FSU staff carrying out the operation.
  • Proper STS equipment being employed.
  • Pre planning of the operation with the amount and type of cargo involved.
  • Proper attention to the difference in freeboard and listing of both the vessels while transferring oil.
  • Strict compliance with requirements from the port authority.
  • Dangers associated with the cargo including volatile chemical emission, and chemical reaction to be briefed to the entire crew involved in the transfer.
  • Fire fighting and oil spill equipment to be present and crew to be well trained to use them in emergency.
  • All guidelines are strictly adhered, including those contained in OCIMF, ICS and IMO transfer guide and operational plan.

Procurement Logistics

Our CJ Century Technology Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Century Advance Technology Sdn. Bhd.) offers one of the widest range of electrical and electronics home appliances including LED TVs, air-conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, vacuum cleaners as well as microwave ovens. Our aim is to supply high quality and technically innovative OEM products for the domestic as well as market abroad.

We have invested in advanced equipment and our manufacturing facilities are state of the art. Our professional and experienced Engineers are on hand at all times to fulfil all our customers’ needs, and are constantly striving to improve our production process. The intricacies of demand planning to match procurement and production schedules, and to institute supply planning with order processing are the challenges our customers entrust to us. In today's competitive business environment, We are able to offer the flexibility to meet the demands of our customers, both domestic as well as from abroad. Our principle is doing business on the basis of fairness, mutual respect and mutual benefit.

The benefits of our services include:

  • Pre-shipment delivery inspection
  • Reduced cost of imports
  • Increased local content
  • Better inventory management
  • Increased price competitiveness
  • Safety and technical compliance

Halal Logistics Services

2006, CJ Century became the first logistics provider to be certified by SIRIM and accredited with MS 1900:2005 (Quality Management From Islamic Perspective) covering Freight Forwarding, Warehousing and Transport. In essence, this accreditation allows CJ Century to provide door-to-door services while protecting the “Halal” integrity of the product

2015, CJ Century has proudly achieved the MS 2400:2010 certifications by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) which upholds the halal integrity of goods across the supply chain from farm to shelf. The Halalan Toyibban (HT) Standard assures you of ethical, hygienic handling of food throughout supply chain from farm to shelf. We are one of the few in the country to receive the Halalan-Toyyiban certification that comply with the Malaysian Standard MS 2400:2010 from JAKIM.

We have a team of logistics professionals who can provide consultation, design, implement and operate “Halal” logistics to ensure the “Halal” integrity throughout the entire supply chain, our IT system is enhanced with the critical checkpoint list and trace ability functions.

Data Management Solutions

Organizations in all industries are under increasing pressure to streamline their paper processes and reduce costs, while improving existing service levels.

With our exclusive P.E.C services, we can customize solutions for you to meet the challenges associated with document management and data protection. Breakthrough documents processing benefits can be realized immediately, reliably and cost effectively.

Physical - Off-Site Document Storage & Management

Whether you have active or inactive documents, there is always a need for additional space. Our Document Storage and Management services can address your requirements for better security, confidentiality, accessibility, compliance with local and global regulations and long term preservation of documents.

We offer secure, efficient and affordable solution for off-site document storage and management services including:

  • Document Pickup
  • Document Storage
  • Document Retrieval
  • Document Delivery
  • Folder & File Indexing
  • Storage Boxes & Supplies
  • Document Destruction

Electronic - Document Imaging & Data Management

Our large scale technical and project management expertise allows us to be the leader in Document Management.

Document Scanning: We provide full-service conversion of your paper documents into non-proprietary electronic images.

We will scan, index, convert your document and capture your data either On-Site or Off-Site, enabling you to share the scanned documents across the boundaries of time and distance.

We offer the most responsive, accurate, timely and cost-effective solution for document imaging and management including:

  • Back-File
  • Day-Forward
  • Scan-on-Demand
  • Digital Storage

Digital Storage: We provide everything you need to securely store and access your information via cloud computing. No need to worry about capital expenditures, IT maintenance, or software licenses - Off-Site takes care of all your digital storage needs. Enjoy secure online access to your information anywhere in the world, at any time.

Customers also can choose to store the scanned documents at their own data storage site or other media such as CD, DVD, portable hard drive and etc.

CJ Century Cloud: It comes with a single platform for companies to setup their own Intranet with the pre-installed Intranet System, Document Retrieval System and Data Management System.


We help you manage your documents through all the phases of the document life cycle, so that your organisation can increase efficiency, minimize costs and reduce risks.

Our professional consulting services for document management include:

  • Process Mapping
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Technology Recommendation
  • Solution Design